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Why should you choose Team Sports Services? 

Team Sports Services is not just another sports academy you take your kid for Football. Here at a team sports academy, we assist young and aspiring athletes in elevating their performance by giving them the opportunity and platform to do so.

Team sports services are unique because of our breakdown in skill level. The programs are broken down into three skill levels/grade levels. The first level is for beginners and younger players. The second level is for intermediate players or players who have graduated from the first level. The third level is for the more advanced players, usually older. Our coaching and training techniques have been specifically crafted to come up with the perfect training programs in Australia.

Let us make your kid’s Football journey a memorable one with Team Sports Services.

Football requires your child to make snap judgments in a fast-paced setting, and it offers immediate personality development. To get better at Football, your kid needs to practice. To practice, your kid needs guidance/coaching. Your child must attend the best Football class possible to get all the requirements and become the best Football player.

So, if you are looking for Football classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for your kid, the best Football academy is the Team Sports Services Football academy. We have the most effective team programs, drawing top athletes of every age and ability level. Our passion is providing young and aspiring athletes with the opportunity and platform to assist them in advancing Our careers. The ideal training programs in Australia have been developed using TSS coaching and training methods.

Company License No: 966155

TSS now operates in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi) providing basketball and football academy programs to all children between the ages of 4 years to 18 years to participate.

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