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Why should you choose Team Sports Services? 

Team Sports Services is not just another sports academy you take your kid for basketball. Here at a team sports academy, we assist young and aspiring athletes in elevating their performance by giving them the opportunity and platform to do so.

Team sports services are unique because of our breakdown in skill level. The programs are broken down into three skill levels/grade levels. The first level is for beginners and younger players. The second level is for intermediate players or players who have graduated from the first level. The third level is for the more advanced players, usually older. Our coaching and training techniques have been specifically crafted to come up with the perfect training programs in Australia.

Let us make your kid’s Basketball journey a memorable one with Team Sports Services.

Basketball requires your child to make snap judgments in a fast-paced setting, and it offers immediate personality development. To get better at basketball, your kid needs to practice. To practice, your kid needs guidance/coaching. Your child must attend the best basketball class possible to get all the requirements and become the best basketball player.

So, if you are looking for basketball classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for your kid, the best basketball academy is the Team Sports Services basketball academy. We have the most effective team programs, drawing top athletes of every age and ability level. Our passion is providing young and aspiring athletes with the opportunity and platform to assist them in advancing Our careers. The ideal training programs in Australia have been developed using TSS coaching and training methods.





Team Sports Services is the only basketball academy for kids that provide Australian basketball standards in the UAE. TSS is exceptional because of the breakdown in skill level. The programs are broken down into three skill levels/grade levels. They have something to suit every kid’s requirements & preferences, including basketball training for different age groups categorized as beginner, rookie, and advanced.

On the other hand, they offer programs for private basketball coaching, extracurricular activities, a school holiday academy, holiday camps, private one-on-one basketball training, and last but not least, an all-girls basketball academy.

That is why TSS has become the most successful basketball academy in Dubai. Team Sports Academy programs attract elite players of all ages and skill levels. Furthermore, Team Sports Services delivers a solid dedication to developing basketball talents from beginner to elite levels.

Immense Dedication to Service

TSS provides basketball academy programs for all children between the ages of 4 and 18 years. Children learn the fundamental motor skills necessary for future participation in sports and physical activity and the fundamentals of muscle management and fitness training. The most important thing is TEAMWORK regardless of your background, gender or ethnicity.

Every basketball player can benefit from the TSS top programs, open to those who want to advance their personal development. Every training program emphasizes fundamental developing skills, and players use our special format to incorporate these talents into their understanding of games by adding tactical and strategic training. Weekly match practice offers the chance to sharpen abilities.


Here is how they help young and upcoming athletes take their game to the next level. Professionals at TSS motivate and inspire youth to push through obstacles as it is the only way to achieve greatness.

Skill acquisition, including ball handling, shooting

Your child can learn technique, consistency, basket finishing, and one-on-one moves. Young kids are capable of performing complex skills if guided properly.

Positional specific skills and fitness training

TSS Academy comprises a dedicated match play session. There they teach tactical and strategic training to develop a player’s understanding of team offensive and defensive concepts.

Unlock full potential with our professional trained coaches

Excellent coaches offer custom-crafted programs for all skill levels. Delivering the game to young kids in a simplistic & engaging environment, the coaches at Team Sports Services possess talent and passion for developing young talent and best practices to achieve tremendous results.

The coaches do their best to improve young athletes and transform their lives. Here we should mention that TSS has hired highly qualified and specialized coaches from overseas who provide instructions in small groups, extracurricular school activities, private training, and professional team training.

Nearby locations

Team Sports Services currently runs basketball classes across major areas of the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. You are welcome to attend, participate your kid in the best basketball instruction available, and boost your kid’s game.

Develop fundamental movement skills

No matter your kid’s age, fundamental movement skills, the foundation for all physical activity, are essential for an active lifestyle.

It encourages young children to be active.

Most researchers have discovered that children who participate in physical activity as youngsters are more likely to be active adults than kids who are more sedentary.

Strengthens the bones

Due to the demanding effort needed in basketball, bone strength is improved and developed. It is a physical sport that involves dragging and pushing muscles against bone, strengthening your child’s muscles and bones.

Boost mental growth

Although basketball is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of physical skill, it is also a mental game that needs your kid to think on their toes. It requires the kid to have a lot of focus, so that kid can effectively and quickly absorb the on-court activity and make decisions with the ball.

Boosts Self-Belief

There are numerous reasons why basketball is a terrific sport, but one of the finest is that it boosts kids’ confidence. Being a good player and a great team member can do wonders to increase your kid’s self-esteem and help your kid gain more confidence. When your kid’s confidence boosts, kids’ faith in skills also increases.

Meet the professional coaches at the Team Sports Services Basketball Academy. The coaches are highly decorated, skilled, and have years of experience.

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Team Sports Service brings a passionate commitment to the development of basketball skills from beginner to elite pathways.

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TSS now operates in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi) providing basketball and football academy programs to all children between the ages of 4 years to 18 years to participate.

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